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Time for change !!

A new method will be implemented shortly for the distribution of Safety Observer reports. The current pdf reports will be discontinued and users will be provided with individual access to a web-based reading platform.


The first report of Safety Observer was distributed in March 2005 and since then, our reports have been made available to clients in pdf format. This is a practical format but it comes with limitations. Most importantly for us, the dissemination of our content to unauthorized users generates a revenue leak. Despite our efforts, we also experience difficulties in distributing the pdf reports to some clients when the message and attachement appears as a potential threat to their email security systems. After years of hesitation, the decision was made to invest in the development of a solution to address those issues.

Safety Observer over the years…

Exit the pdf !!

Over the past few months, we worked on the development of a new secure web-based Reading Platform for users to read the Safety Observer reports, which will ultimately replace the existing pdf reports. Here is a presentation of the main features of this new tool:


  • Each individual user will be granted access to the Reading Platform
  • Each user can access the Platform from 2 authorized devices (e.g. computer + smartphone)
  • Access to the Platform requires internet connection and reports will no longer be accessible off-line
  • Safety Observer will be able to monitor the activity on each user account and take action in case of non-compliance with the Terms of Service


The Reading Platform will allow us to better control the dissemination of our content and should address the email deliverability problems we experienced. It also comes with a list of benefits for users:

  • All users get immediate and permanent access to the entire library of reports (since January 2023), as long as their subscription remains active.
  • The structure of the reports remains the same and users familiar with the pdf will see little change
  • The Platform is user-friendly, with smooth navigation features
  • The Platform supports the use of info bubbles to explain the meaning of (many !!!) acronyms
  • It is responsive, which means it can be used with any device, including mobile phones
  • Users can perform searches for specific keywords across the entire library of reports

The plans

It is planned for the Reading Platform to be launched in production within the next few weeks and no later than the end of December 2023. The intention is that new subscriptions starting with the January 2024 report are delivered via the Reading Platform. The Safety Observer website will be revised accordingly and it will no longer be possible to purchase individual reports.

For existing clients who have a running subscription, they will be contacted individually in order to discuss the migration of their account to the Reading Platform.

Last but not least, no change is planned to the pricing of subscriptions at this time !

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