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EMA Signal Detection Pilot and New MAs…

This post presents the response received from the EMA on another question about the list of substances for the Signal Detection pilot.

The Signal Detection Pilot started on 22-Feb-2018 and concerned MAHs are now required to monitor EudraVigilance data and inform Authorities of validated signals detected in the database. Only those MAHs whose active substances are included in the list of products involved in the pilot are subject to these new requirements.

In March 2018, we published the response we received from the EMA (1) to a question we asked regarding the possible addition of New Active Substances to the list. We were wondering whether the new requirements would apply to companies who get a new substance approved while the pilot is ongoing but the EMA confirmed that the list of substances involved in the pilot is fixed and will not change.

Anna Marques, EU QPPV at Eignapharma (2), was wondering about another scenario: What if you get a new Marketing Authorisation for a product that is already in the list, for instance if you register a new generic product ?

Interesting question

This is also a very good question and I would like to thank Anna for accepting to share the response she received from the EMA, which states that the new requirements do not apply to products that became authorised after the start of the pilot.

Here is the excerpt of Anna’s exchange with the EMA:

Re: EMA request reference ASK-41776

Dear Ms Marques.

Thank you for your query. We confirm that the pilot would not apply to medicinal products that became authorised well after the start of pilot.

European Medicines Agency.”

In conclusion, only companies that were MAHs for products included in the list at the beginning of the pilot are concerned by the new Signal Detection requirements and this will not change during the pilot.

I hope this helps !


(1) Safety Observer article – “EMA Signal Detection Pilot and New Active Substances…”, 09-Mar-2018: Link here

(2) Eignapharma’s website: Link here

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