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EMA Guidance on ICSR data from EudraVigilance

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has issued new guidance that clarifies how MAHs should manage ICSRs retrieved from the EudraVigilance database.

Everybody should know by now but in case you missed it, the EMA published much-awaited guidance over the summer to clarify the obligations of MAHs to record information on ICSRs they can access in EudraVigilance.

Since the implementation of the New EudraVigilance on 22-Nov-2017, MAHs are given access to all ICSRs contained in the EudraVigilance database (1). The MAHs are now responsible to access EudraVigilance to retrieve all ICSRs related to their medicines and first received by National Authorities.

There was however no guidance regarding the obligations of MAHs in relation to ICSRs submitted to EudraVigilance by other MAHs or regarding those ICSRs available in EudraVigilance prior to 22-Nov-2017. This has caused a lot of pain and confusion, especially for MAHs of generic products who could not exclude ownership of the suspected products in many ICSRs they became aware of.

Photo by Lukas Blazek on Unsplash

This gap has now been closed by the EMA and the Note for Clarification (2) published on 23-Jul-2018 brings much needed guidance:

  • Regarding the ICSRs available in EudraVigilance prior to 22-Nov-2017, the Note clarifies that MAHs have no obligation to screen EudraVigilance for cases that they do not already have in their own database. In the same way, the MAH have no obligation to record in their database those ICSRs they become aware through activities related to Signal Management in EudraVigilance.
  • Regarding the ICSRs submitted by other MAHs to EudraVigilance, the Note clarifies that MAHs have no obligation to record these in their own database.

Although some will argue this took a long time and could have been better anticipated, this should come as a relief for the industry. It also sets a clear standard for Regulatory Inspections.


(1) EMA Page on Access to EudraVigilance data: Link here

(2) EMA Note for clarification – “Recording by MAHs of information on ICRS held in EudraVigilance”, 12-Jul-2018: Link here

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